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E.Z. Smith Looking to Promote Better Health with Majic Wellness

Health and wellness have taken center stage, as the demand for alternatives that promote better health and fight fatigue, pain, and stress continues to skyrocket. Accordingly, business and wellness coach and founder of the EZ4 Wellness Coaching System, E.Z. Smith, has announced a new venture that looks to promote better health and living. 

After reconnecting with his former football glory days teammate Jordan Norwood, the duo of athletes turned serial entrepreneurs have launched Majic Wellness, a brand of non-THC-based Cannabidiol products that help alleviate pain, deal with stress and strain, and sharpens one’s focus in the day-to-day. The company’s products are sustainable and contain only the best-sourced materials to give people the best CBD products available in the market. 

The concept for Majic Wellness started with Norwood after he started using CBD-based topical salves to help with muscle aches and knee pains after suffering an ACL injury back in 2014. After making a miraculous recovery, Jordan would go on to win the Super Bowl in 2015. Majic Wellness’s unique formulations bring together the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes to affect pain relief in record time.

After reconnecting with Jordan, E.Z. Smith has jumped in collaboration with the football star turned entrepreneur to bring the magic of Majic to bigger stages. E.Z. Smith IV is a business coach and consultant who has helped over four hundred entrepreneurs level up their ventures and scale their companies to record-breaking performances and profits. He created the EZ4 Coaching System, which helps business owners set goals and reach them without spending a fortune on marketing, advertising, and business development strategies. The system relies on a solid accountability and support group that delivers customized coaching programs to help entrepreneurs get through the day-to-day challenges of running a business.

Smith’s prior success came when he discovered online coaching and built a successful fitness training and coaching program that has served over 1,500 clients to date. His programs have helped busy individuals commit to a consistent fitness regimen and witness significant health improvements. 

Much of E.Z. Smith IV’s success in his fitness coaching business came from his uncanny ability to generate leads with very little to no marketing expenditures. He has, in consequence, documented his lead generation strategies and taught it with hundreds of other businesses, helping them turn in millions in collective profits through the system. 

Upon further introspection, Jordan and E.Z. would find how many of their values and goals overlapped. Hence, the two would venture to do something together, starting with applying the EZ4 Coaching System to Majic Wellness. 

E.Z. continues to work with many business owners and fitness professionals to level up their marketing efforts and get more results from lesser legwork. “I have seen so many shifts in advertising, marketing, and client acquisition tactics,” shared E.Z. “The one thing that has always worked for me in creating a seven-figure business is organic client acquisition and using social proofing and high ticket sales to maintain massive profitability.”With tried-and-tested strategies like these, there’s no knowing what levels of success Majic Wellness will reach next. To learn more about E.Z. Smith, the EZ4 Coaching System and Majic Wellness, visit EZ Smith’s website or Majic Wellness’s online shop.

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