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Jeff Bezos pledges to give away his wealth

… Jeff Bezos, who started Amazon, has said he wants to give away most of his $124 billion (£107 billion) fortune while he is still alive. The businessman told CNN

Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard gives company to charity

… The millionaire creator of the outdoor clothing company Patagonia has donated his business to a trust for humanitarian purposes. According to Yvon Chouinard, any earnings left over after operating

Home-Based Business You Should Consider

Home-Based Business You Should Consider

A home-based business is any business that is run from the comfort of your home. Most home-run companies usually start as small businesses and eventually grow into medium or large

Remote Entrepreneur

5 In-Demand Tools for Every Remote Entrepreneur

Remote Entrepreneur – The COVID-19 pandemic has made online business increasingly popular. Meanwhile, working remotely can be critical for business owners to protect their customers, employees and themselves. But even

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