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Mastering Leadership: Meet California’s Influential Executive Coaches of the Year

Meet California's Influential Executive Coaches of the Year
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As California’s business world continues to evolve, executive coaching has become a game-changer for leaders seeking to navigate complex situations with both skill and vision. Throughout the state, a group of highly respected coaches stand out, equipped with years of experience and a keen grasp of how organizations function. This article will explore the profiles of some of California’s most influential executive coaches, highlighting their individual methods and achievements, and the powerful impact they have on leadership development.

These ten executive coaches can become your very own beacons in the discovery of your potential and your journey of achieving it and becoming exemplary leaders. 

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith is one of the most influential and highly distinguished executive coaches and leaders whose close association with business and personal coaching has established his name with trust. With an astounding number of books, many of which he wrote alone or with others—including well-known titles like “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” and “Triggers,” Goldsmith has significantly influenced the aspiring population. He is an MBA graduate of Indiana University, a native of Kentucky, and describes himself as a “philosophical Buddhist.” After spending decades guiding Fortune 500 organizations and their CEOs, Goldsmith has received a great deal of recognition. He has been named a ‘Leading Leadership Thinker’ by the Harvard Business Review and also by Thinker50.  In addition to being an impactful writer, he is also a highly respected lecturer and educator, known for his innovative techniques and ideas that continue to influence and uplift leaders universally.

Tony Robbins

California-born Tony Robbins is a force of a whirlwind in the fields of writing, business, and motivation. Robbins has empowered millions of people worldwide through his spectacular seminars, best-selling books (including Life Force and The Path), and media enterprises. He is driven by a tireless commitment to helping people and organizations reach their peak. His inspirational journey from impoverished origins to global recognition serves as a monument to the strength of tenacity and determination. Robbins goes above and beyond in his commitment to personal development. He continues to encourage individuals to reach their greatest potential and lead extraordinary lives via his generosity and unshakable dedication to self-improvement. Robbins has even mentored well-known people like Bill Clinton, athletes, and corporate executives, who are evidence of his influence.

Mike Horne

Dr. Mike Horne serves as a coach for both seasoned executives and up-and-coming leaders. Author of ‘Integrity by Design: Working and Living Authentically,’ he assists people in navigating job transitions, honing abilities, and achieving immediate, lasting outcomes by emphasizing practical action.  Horne is a proponent of developing new success habits, building on existing skills, and encouraging ongoing development. His outstanding communication abilities serve his clients by fostering a secure and encouraging environment. In every encounter, he instills hope, attention, and sound judgment. Horne is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Organization Development Review. He has written for prestigious magazines such as Psychology Today and Thrive Global. Furthermore, his leadership positions at Golden Gate University demonstrate his commitment to quality in both academics and coaching. Dr. Horne’s next book, The People Dividend, is set to be released in October 2024. It will disclose his leadership strategies for helping employers reach their full potential.

Taryn Voget

Taryn Voget is a well-known executive coach and consultant who brings over 26 years of invaluable experience working with both growth companies and well-known organizations like SpaceX, Disney, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Voget, who is well-known for her capacity to create positive transformation, is exceptional at helping CEOs navigate pivotal changes, empowering executives to reach their greatest potential, and organizing executive offsites that spark meaningful development. She often leads companies and leaders toward the next big idea, bringing her passion for innovation, managerial expertise, intuition, and entrepreneurial experience to every project. Voget is a dedicated heart-centered leader and the author of six books on genius. Her all-encompassing method leaves a lasting impression on teams, companies, and leaders.

Jenna Dillon

Renowned coach and CEO of Executive Performance Institute for Coaching (E.P.I.C), Jenna Dillon collaborates with high-performing individuals and esteemed organizations to facilitate enhanced levels of fulfillment and success across various facets of career, organizational culture, and industry influence. Through her cutting-edge approach, Jenna empowers clients to dismantle their constraints and limitations to foster environments where authenticity, vulnerability, and empowerment coexist harmoniously, catalyzing exponential growth and achievement. Her exceptional work has earned her a rightful place in the prestigious Coach Foundation as a ‘Top Executive Coach in America 2023 List,’ as well as a place on ‘Top 15 Coaches in LA 2023 List’ and ‘Top 15 Coaches in LA 2024 List.’ Her recognition demonstrates her commitment to elevating performance standards within the executive coaching sphere. Drawing from mentorship and diverse experiences, she adeptly integrates methodologies spanning phenomenology, ontological coaching, neuroscience, psychology, and sociology. Her clientele encompasses a broad spectrum, working with leaders extending to notable entities like Chicago Title, DreamWorks Universal, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, and American Cancer Society, reflecting her profound impact across diverse industries and professions.

Hector Bordas

Hector’s career path took him from engineering to executive and organizational consulting, reflecting his dedication to promoting transformational development. Having led complex initiatives and programs in the past, he has developed the skills necessary to help people and organizations reach their greatest potential. Using his wide range of experience, he connects with his clients at a human level to understand the challenges,issues, and pain points that prevent them from achieving success. He is successful at creating an atmosphere that builds self-assurance, focuses attention, and develops strategic leadership skills. Working with him guarantees not only real results but also deep personal and professional development that will enable you to become a more capable and successful leader. Through his company OnePlusWe, he has worked with individuals at Google, Snap, Best Buy, Anheuser-Busch, government organizations, and new business ventures.

Onno Koelman

When Founders become CEOs, they enter a new terrain and benefit greatly from an experienced guide at their side to advise, consult, and coach them to become the leaders their company needs.  Onno Koelman is that guide. He holds the nationality of three countries and was a champion athlete, along with being a Stanford alumnus.  A founder and co-founder himself, with careers in engineering and as a sales leader in his resumé, he is well-versed in both the technical and interpersonal aspects of leadership.  With more than 15 years of expertise, he has mentored hundreds of leaders, assisting them in making rapid and practical changes.  He has experience working with a wide range of organizations, including Series A start-ups and major corporations like Google, Meta, Adobe, and Amazon.

Joe Tria

Growing up in a small rural town in the Midwest (USA), Joe harbored dreams of venturing into the world and effecting positive change. Holding prominent executive positions, including Chief Learning & Leadership Officer thrice, has allowed him to collaborate with exceptional talent and globally recognized brands like PwC, Bank of America, and Verizon. Presently, he focuses on aiding both seasoned and emerging leaders in fostering high-performance teams and crafting organizations that yield remarkable results. As a managing consultant and founder of “The Executive Coaching Corner,” he guides executives in identifying blind spots, capitalizing on strengths, and cultivating performance-oriented habits for themselves and their teams, driving profitability. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing success routines, process optimization, mindset refinement, and wellness initiatives, he elevates their leadership acumen to unparalleled heights.

Jessica Rice

Jessica Rice, “The Vision Evolution Coach,” is a certified ICF coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who helps visionary leaders create a lasting impact they’ll be proud of.  She’s an expert leadership and business coach who helps clients reach new heights and achieve their dreams. Jessica has exceptional training and experience in leadership, communication, and business strategy, and she uses this knowledge to help leaders be themselves and build strong brands. Jessica is also committed to women empowerment, which she talks about in her podcast ‘The Hello You Show.’ She works with clients to turn their visions into goals, create action plans, and define their purpose.  Jessica has worked with a range of clients and kinds of leaders in many different fields, from tech to art to fitness.

Jackie Simon 

Jackie Simon is leading the coaching industry by helping people and organizations successfully navigate major changes in their personal, professional, and corporate lives. Her extensive experience and knowledge base include business operations, human resources, and project management. The foundation of her coaching philosophy is helping her clients turn their dreams into reality, activating their true potential, and enabling breakthroughs in their careers.

Her academic background, including a BA in economics from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Wayne State, has significantly assisted her in helping her clients achieve their goals. Furthermore, she has additional certifications from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), including Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CPCC). Her real-world experience, in combination with academic excellence, positions her as a spectacular leadership coach.


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