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William O’Boyle, Medaleaf CEO, Takes Pride in Helping People Recover From Substance Abuse through CBD

Substance abuse has become a severe issue in our society. Unfortunately, the consequences can be very damaging in the long run, and even fatal. Living a clean and healthy lifestyle is a continuous endeavor for many in recovery. Still, thankfully, William O’Boyle and his successful CBD business MedaLeaf are leading the charge to improve the lives of people in recovery.

The life of William O’Boyle is one of sorrow, hope, and ultimately, success. He was at the top of his game, having played football in high school. But a devastating shoulder injury would mark the beginning of his horrifying journey into the realm of narcotics and medications. His injury required surgery to realign his dislocated shoulder since it was serious. He was given medications as a postoperative treatment to manage the pain of the operation.

William would later suffer another shoulder injury while playing college football, and harsher treatments were administered this time. His performance was significantly impacted by the medications, which ultimately made him sloppy and unable to perform as well as he once did. His 20s and 30s weren’t any better, as he spent a decade on the streets and was forced to use narcotics as a result of a sporting injury.

These radical lifestyle changes have claimed many people’s lives, and some fatally overdosed on prescription medications. Unfortunately, William’s uncle, who looked after him, died on his way to get drugs & after this William swore to stop using opioids since he could see that he was going down the same dark road.

Thankfully, he could break the habit, but the emotional aftereffects negatively impacted his personal life. William recalls that despite being clean on his own, CBD filled the hole and helped his neurological connections develop to where they are now with regular use. As a result, William decided to launch his own business to eventually aid other individuals in urgent need of support after witnessing the benefits of this life-saving plant. Thus, MedaLeaf was created right there in his kitchen.

Over the years, MedaLeaf has seen outstanding success. Since William started his company, the hemp sector has developed significantly, but there have also been significant obstacles to overcome for William’s firm to succeed. In order to preserve his firm, assist people, and stay in the hemp sector, he had to undertake unthinkable industry pivots.

William O’Boyle decided to start MedaLeaf because he was so passionate about entering the retail hemp market. He continues to sell some of the extracts in quantity to large businesses, but he is convinced that he can have a more significant influence on consumers in the retail sector. MedaLeaf is a labor of love that aids people in breaking bad habits by recommending things that might benefit their recovery.

It has been a year since MedaLeaf began operating & in that short time, Medaleaf was named 2022’s  vitamin and supplements store of the year at their flagship location in Lago Vista, Texas. One of MedaLeaf’s top products is full spectrum tinctures, which have a THC content of less than 0.3%. Without having any psychoactive side effects, the product offers the plant’s greatest number of advantages now available on the market.

Not all hemp-related goods are pure, healthful, and secure. William O’Boyle wants to inform customers on the best brands, dosages, and goods. In keeping with this objective, he hopes to develop MedaLeaf into a smaller company that works closely with clients, offering advice and organically assisting them. Thanks to William O’Boyle and his creation MedaLeaf, living a clean and healthy lifestyle is no longer just a distant fantasy.

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