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L.A., Other Parts of California are seeing coronavirus numbers increases

California Gov. Gavin Newsom tested negative for the coronavirus. The governor’s office said Newsom was tested Wednesday after someone in the governor’s office tested positive. Newsom tests negative for coronavirus after office worker tests positive.

The employee who tested positive had not been in contact with Newsom or anyone else who often saw the governor.

The governor’s office said Newsom withdrew the test out of “great caution.”

The uptick in coronavirus cases in Los Angeles and several other California counties is cause for concern. Still, experts said Thursday that it’s too early to tell whether it represents the start of a more considerable surge in infections.

The next few weeks will be crucial to see if California can reduce the number of cases and hospitalizations, even as authorities continue to reopen the economy. The state hopes its new tier system will prevent the wave of business that occurred this summer when the government quickly allowed businesses to reopen and people reverted to old ways.

The convergence between the pandemic and COVID-19 election season has complicated the mood this year for residents of nursing homes, residential care centers, and other long-term care facilities.

The shift may hinder many seniors who need help obtaining or filling out forms in family visitation rules. Voting procedures – both in person and by post – are subject to greater scrutiny, which adds to the confusion. Facilities that once housed polling stations likely won’t do so this year due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

“We really shouldn’t go out to the public at this point, we’re more vulnerable, and our immune systems are compromised anyway,” said Janice Phillips, a 14-year resident of Village Square Healthcare Center, a qualified nursing facility. in San Marcos, Calif. “We are locked in.”

Phillips, 75, who has rheumatoid arthritis, voted absent for years without a problem. This year, she encourages her fellow citizens to vote by mail as well. She works with the facility’s operations staff, who take a resident for residents, to ensure people are registered. As chairman of the residents’ council, Phillips has also raised the issue at community meetings.

Additionally, L.A. The county will remain in the most restrictive reopening phase this week despite progress. Los Angeles County Reports Lowest Daily COVID-19 Hospitalizations Since April “I think there’s probably bound to be a few more upticks when counties reopen because you’re now going to be in situations where there is more opportunity for exposures,” said Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, a medical epidemiologist and disease infectious expert at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

Los Angeles County reported the highest number of daily cases in six weeks on Wednesday. Riverside County is on the verge of regressing from level 2 to level 1 after typical case counts increased. In San Diego, which also remains in group 2, hospital admissions have increased in the past two weeks after rising claims related to San Diego State. Members of Gov. Newsom office workers test positive for the coronavirus. Newsom said on Wednesday he had been tried multiple times and had always tested negative.

Separately, a government employee working in a shared space with some of the governor’s office staff also tested positive for COVID-19. Still, the person had also had no contact with the governor or his closest team.

The governor’s office said it received information on the two positive tests earlier this week, and COVID-19 protocols for California state agencies were implemented.

Officials did not identify the employees. California has reported more than 834,000 coronavirus cases and more than 16,300 deaths.

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