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Britney Spears Shares News of Pregnancy Loss

… Britney Spears shared some bad news a month after she announced her pregnancy.  Britney Spears announced the loss of her baby in an Instagram post.  Britney Spears was expecting

Things you Need to Know About Attraction Marketing

Are you familiar with the term “attraction marketing” along your travels before? Most people have stumbled upon this concept and have tried to implement it in their business, unfortunately with

Harnessing Hope: The Entrepreneurial Superpower

Harnessing Hope: The Entrepreneurial Superpower

Entrepreneurship is a journey laden with challenges, uncertainties, and opportunities. While strategy, innovation, and a keen market understanding are pivotal to business success, there’s an often-underestimated ingredient that fuels the

Do Kwon

Do Kwon has been arrested in Montenegro

… South Korean police say that Do Kwon, the fugitive cryptocurrency boss who caused the $40 billion (£32.5 billion) collapse of the terraUSD and Luna tokens, has been caught in

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