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Learn Laugh Speak Grants Fearless English Fluency to Non-Native Speakers

Communication is at the crux of our society. Understanding each other is an important facet of life, which is why acquiring the skill of language is such a crucial thing. English is the undisputed most spoken language in the world, and the language has evolved to become such an essential part of our lives that non-native speakers often seek to learn the language. Unfortunately, this also means that non-native English speakers will have a difficult time expressing themselves, resulting in fear and doubt. Learn Laugh Speak is an English learning platform that aims to eliminate this fear and empower non-native speakers to express themselves to the fullest.

Learn Laugh Speak is an online academic school that equips individuals with fearless English fluency. The company takes an intuitive approach to teach its students with a full commitment to structured learning, leveling its topics with all types of learners from different walks of life. The program is specifically designed for large-scale companies, providing each person with a unique experience tailored to their needs and current knowledge. 

Unlike most English language learning schools, Learn Laugh Speak’s curriculum is internationally recognized by the European framework of reference for testing. The company offers the standard level of learning recognized for all government standards for migration in 40 countries, including Australia.

Each lesson within the Learn Laugh Speak curriculum focuses more on speaking, and 80% of the class is done and fulfilled by the student alone. Students are also expected to join the classes depending on their level. Additionally, each week will have specific topic talks, which will vary every week, covering a wide variety of talking points.

At its core, Learn Laugh Speak provides learners the freedom and liberty to go through the program at their own pace and level of comfort. The program is catered toward non-native English speakers who feel scared to practice and learn in a typical learning environment such as a classroom setting. 

At the same time, the company reaffirms that the student’s success is directly correlated to their hard work and dedication. In line with this, Learn Laugh Speak sets realistic goals for its students to align with their expectations. “Although we are not magic like some applications say they are, we are certainly going to show you the results that you need, and we can prove the progress that you desire. Progress is how we gauge everything; without progress, there can be no success in any way, shape or form,” shared founder Bryce Purnell.

Learn Laugh Speak is led by Bryce Purnell, along with a brilliant team behind him who have been hard at work to make his vision materialize. Purnell created the system, but the team of experts perfected it and turned it into what it is today. This combination of passion and dedication from the team has propelled the company toward greater heights, allowing its students to soar in the process.

In the near future, Learn Laugh Speak’s goal is to grow and develop by incorporating innovative technologies and adding additional lessons, programs, and courses for its students to sink their teeth into. 

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