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Shoba Trivadi: A Creative Voice Across Mediums

Shoba Trivadi A Creative Voice Across Mediums

Few writers in contemporary literature possess the versatility and creative breadth of Shoba Trivadi. This accomplished author has carved out a unique space, seamlessly transitioning between genres and formats, leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

When it comes to creative brilliance, the Trivadi family is a veritable powerhouse. Shoba Trivadi’s literary achievements are deeply rooted in her family’s illustrious legacy, with her father, the renowned Indian journalist and playwright V.D. Trivadi, leading the way. Her mother, too, was not only her inspiration on women and women’s issues and a guiding light on social issues, but she also instilled the love of music and the arts in all her daughters, inspiring them towards the creative arts. 

V.D. Trivadi’s writings were a delightful blend of social satire and irony that graced the pages of daily newspapers. His plays, most notably the acclaimed dramatization of Gandhi’s life, captured the great leader’s charm, humor, and realism on stage. Unsurprisingly, such a rich creative lineage has inspired Shoba and her equally talented sisters to collaborate on remarkable artistic endeavors.

Following in her father’s footsteps to chronicle an imaginative exposition of the lives of the three Gandhis, Mahatma, Indira, and Rajiv, Shoba penned Karma. For her book Nirvana, Shoba joined forces with her sister Kalpana Trivadi, a prolific writer renowned for her poetic nuances and dramatic monologues. While Shoba focused on the lives of Buddha and Swami Vivekananda, Kalpana lent her poignant voice to the portrayal of Mother Teresa. Their collective genius breathes life into these revered figures.

The magic didn’t stop there. Swapna Trivadi, a gifted composer, wove her mellifluous melodies through the poems of Duet with Destiny, creating a lyrical tapestry that begs for a powerful staged rendition. And the artistic contributions extend. Krishna Trivadi lent her talents as a graphics designer and illustrator, crafting and leading the creative effort of evocative visuals that grace the covers and pages of the Trivadi sisters’ works.

This extraordinary family collaboration is a testament to the power of shared passion and talent. As the Trivadi sisters continue to explore new creative horizons, audiences worldwide can look forward to experiencing the rich tapestry woven by their collective genius.

Explore the Trivadi family’s literary legacy and connect with Shoba Trivadi via email at Contact Shoba if you want to option the plays for performances, pursue staged readings, or transform them into a screenplay and bring their magic to the screen.

Shoba Trivadi’s journey began with her inaugural anthology, a collection of ‘poetic plays’ that seamlessly blended the power of prose with the lyricism of poetry. This debut work served as a harbinger of the following multifaceted artistic expressions. True to her boundless creativity, Trivadi has since explored myriad genres, including fiction, novels, novellas, short stories, and an array of poetic forms.

What sets Trivadi apart, however, is her ability to transcend the boundaries of the written word. Through her innovative platform, “Xperia,” she actively seeks collaborators from various artistic disciplines, inviting them to contribute illustrations, musical compositions, and other multimedia elements. The result? Truly ‘experiential books’ that engage multiple senses, immersing readers in a rich tapestry of creativity.

Author, Poet, Playwright, Producer: Shoba Trivadi 

The first offering of Xperia is to be a compilation of poetic plays, staged renditions, and musical-dramatic elocutions packaged as a Lyrical Logical anthology with other genres to follow rich in fiction, as in novels, short stories, novellas, epic poems, mythologies, and musicals.  

The inaugural offering from Xperia, “Lyrical Logical,” is a compelling anthology that seamlessly blends inimitable prosaic and poetic plays into a transcendent literary experience. It sets the stage for a series of genre-spanning anthologies, each one a unique exploration of the human condition through the lens of Shoba Trivadi’s multifaceted creativity. Through a series of poetic plays rich in monologue and dialogue, anthologies in this series are poised to unveil the intricate social, political, and philosophical tapestries of nations and leaders across the globe, enriching audiences worldwide.  

The first volume of “Lyrical Logical” is a collection of dramatic and evocative works that span momentous times in the history of India. It contains a series of poetic acts embedded with eloquent and powerful scenes. Diving into India’s history and the lives and philosophies of great leaders of that time, in this first anthology, Shoba Trivadi tackles both the large and the immediate landscapes of India. Set against a backdrop of pre and post-independent India, Karma brings the greats of the independence era to life.  

Nirvana, another poetic play, unveils the life and times of a sage, a saint, and a seer; where Shoba Trivadi wrote about the sage and the seer and her sister, Kalpana Trivadi, contributed the section on the saint. This Anthology also includes and showcases the social norms, albeit restrictions, faced by people of those times, especially women. In that light, another work, W.O.M.A.N, focuses on women’s lives worldwide and their resilience against all odds. On a more human level, yet another piece, Duet with Destiny, reflects a singer who falls prey to his ambitions and has to face the demons of his mind yet carve a path going forward. This anthology contains varied voices through which artists and individuals can open their hearts and minds in poetry and song.  

In the near future, she plans to turn her perceptive eye toward leaders from around the globe, offering fresh insights and narratives that will undoubtedly challenge and inspire. She promises to keep her audiences spellbound with her other anthologies in fiction, poetry, and other literary forms to follow.  

In a world where artistic boundaries are increasingly blurred, Shoba Trivadi stands as a beacon of creative freedom, unbound by conventions and driven by an insatiable desire to explore the depths of human expression. With each new work, she reminds people of the transformative power of storytelling and the limitless potential of the creative mind. As she’s on the uprise of building her empire, she hopes to inspire and lead as a ‘Multifaceted, Innovative Information Specialist and Author.’ 

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