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The Vibe Show’s Musical Mastery This Cinco de Mayo Weekend

The Vibe Show’s Musical Mastery This Cinco de Mayo Weekend
Photo Courtesy: The Vibe Show

In the heart of Pasadena, as the vibrant festivities of Cinco de Mayo begin to enliven the city streets, a remarkable music event is poised to capture the essence and energy of this celebratory weekend. The Vibe Show, set to unfold on May 4, 2024, at the iconic Ice House venue, is set to deliver an evening filled with rhythm, rhymes, and soul-stirring performances bound to leave an indelible mark on its attendees.

Produced by the Grammy-winning record executive Julius “Juice” Darrington, CEO and Co-Founder of Mantra Publishing, The Vibe Show is not just another concert; it’s a meticulously curated experience designed to showcase musical genius in its most raw and captivating form. Darrington’s vision for this event is clear: to create a space where music transcends boundaries and connects people through shared moments of artistic brilliance.

The spotlight shines brightly on Hip-Hop sensation King Los, renowned for his freestyle ability and lyrical depth. Known as the freestyle king among his peers and fans alike, King Los is set to headline the night with a performance that aims to entertain and mesmerize with his poetic finesse and dynamic stage presence.

Joining King Los is a lineup that epitomizes diversity in musical talent. AudioDream Records’ Xazmine takes center stage with her soulful melodies and powerful vocals. A singer-songwriter known for her emotive storytelling through music, Xazmine’s performance is highly anticipated as one that will touch hearts and provoke thought.

The Vibe Show extends its platform to a constellation of artists, including Joshua, Smoovelee, Sonny Nitez, and Izahh. Each artist brings their unique sound and style to the stage—ranging from smooth R&B vibes by Smoovelee to the energetic beats delivered by Sonny Nitez. These emerging talents represent the future of music—a future that is diverse, innovative, and unapologetically authentic.

Set against the historic backdrop of The Ice House in Pasadena—an establishment that has recently undergone significant transformation under new ownership—this event marks a new era for a venue with over six decades of entertainment history. Now managed by Penny Toler, former General Manager of 3x WNBA Champions Los Angeles Sparks, The Ice House has embraced its legacy while venturing into live music events alongside its legendary comedy shows.

This transition echoes throughout The Vibe Show’s essence; it’s more than just an evening out—it’s partaking in a historical moment where the past meets the present to celebrate artistic evolution. Johnny Buss’ vision for The Ice House aligns seamlessly with Darrington’s ambition for The Vibe Experience—a bi-monthly concert series highlighting established stars and rising talents within the music industry.

As Pasadena gears up for this monumental event during one of its most festive weekends, anticipation builds not only amongst potential attendees but also within the broader community excited about what this signifies for local culture. This isn’t merely a concert; it’s an invitation into an immersive experience where every note played resonates deeper than sound—it embodies emotion, narrative, and connection.

For those eager to be part of this unforgettable night on May 4th—whether as attendees or aspiring performers—the doors open at 9:00 PM at The Ice House located at 24 N. Mentor Ave., Pasadena CA. Tickets are available online ensuring access into what promises to be more than just performances but rather embodiments of passion from artists dedicated to their craft.

Further details about The Vibe Show, along with ticket purchasing options, can be found at Artists interested in participating in future editions are encouraged to email

As Cinco de Mayo celebrates heritage and victory through vibrant expressions across Pasadena streets, inside The Ice House, similar sentiments will echo, celebrating artistic prowess and unity through music. 

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