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Twinkle Zaman Spreads Love and Romance with Love Notes – Singles Hearts Affairs

Twinkle Zaman
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Indulge in the sweet and spicy world of love with Love Notes – Singles Hearts Affairs. Written by the talented Twinkle Zaman, this poetry book is a treat for anyone seeking a romantic, fun, and inspiring read. Twinkle shares her unique perspective on love, self-discovery, and woman empowerment through the lens of her poetry book.

Twinkle takes us on a journey of self-love and growth, exploring the idea that the greatest love stems from loving ourselves. Through her poems, she dives into how a woman perceives herself through the eyes of another and uses this to reach her highest self, uncovering a story about growth, finding her inner voice and relying on faith.

Twinkle’s book is the perfect blend of traditional and modern perspectives on love. She believes in the freedom that women have today but also has a traditional side to her that roots old-school love. “Gosh, I’m all about woman feeling empowered! I love that we are all evolving and using our voices,” she says, but she also adds, “I don’t want to be the man of the house. I think that’s what makes me a little bit more traditional. I know it’s an unpopular opinion. I love the freedom we get to have as women, but I still need a man to be a man.” Her passion for love and woman empowerment shines through her words and is sure to inspire and touch the hearts of her readers.

When Twinkle talks about love, she usually gets two types of reactions – either a look of realization or one of shock. She wants her book to be that way, too – a moment of self-reflection where one can get lost and see what love means to them.

Whether you’re a single woman looking for love, a sister or friend looking for inspiration, or anyone who wants to discover what love means, Love Notes – Singles Hearts Affairs is a perfect read. Get lost in the pages and let yourself fall in love with the idea of self-love and finding your soulmate. Find a copy of Love Notes- Single Hearts Affairs on Amazon, Barns & Noble, or any bookseller near you.


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