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Balancing Career and Motherhood: Tips from Mariela De Santiago

Balancing Career & Motherhood Tips from Mariela De Santiago
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By: April Adams

Balancing the demands of a career with the joys and challenges of motherhood can be an overwhelming feat for many women. Did you know that in the U.S., about 40% of moms who work are the primary caregivers for their children? That shows the role mothers play in both professional and family spheres. Indeed, it takes a lot of strength, flexibility, and help from others to handle both a job and taking care of kids. 

Even though it’s hard, mothers like Mariela De Santiago keep going, proving that they can do great at work and at home with determination and cleverness.

Mariela shows that being creative and persistent pays off. She’s busy with projects such as Carlsbad Mom Walks and the Mama Wears Athleisure Podcast, all aimed at helping moms.

Before embracing motherhood, Mariela held diverse roles, ranging from a technical journalist and special education teacher to a fitness instructor. Now, as a mother to a baby boy herself, Mariela faces the balancing act of pursuing her professional aspirations while tending to the demands of parenting.

Let’s explore her story and learn a thing or two from how she is handling both work and motherhood.

Building Community Amidst Motherhood

Navigating around motherhood and entrepreneurship can feel like trekking through a storm without an umbrella. It’s stressful, it chips away at confidence, and it dims the joy in both roles.

Mariela, a former middle and high school teacher turned new mom, understands this struggle firsthand. Especially in the era of COVID-19, she realized the importance of community and support. That’s why she’s all about surrounding herself with like-minded individuals who can help weather the storms of being a mompreneur.

Drawing from her own yearning for camaraderie, Mariela founded Carlsbad Mom Walks—a haven where moms can come together, connect, and support one another during leisurely strolls.

Speaking about Carlsbad Mom Walks, Mariela emphasizes, “I want moms to feel like they belong and have each other’s backs. Being a mom doesn’t mean being alone.

Going Through Online Resources For Help 

Mariela believes in supporting moms everywhere, whether it’s in the neighborhood or online. She knows how valuable it is to connect with other parents, so she encourages moms to join online groups and forums. These places are perfect for sharing experiences, asking questions, and giving each other a helping hand.

Keeping a view on the importance of online resources she’s also busy with her Mama Wears Athleisure Podcast, where she talks about everything from staying fit during pregnancy to handling the ups and downs of being a new mom. 

Prioritizing Self-Care Amidst Responsibilities

Despite her hectic schedule, Mariela understands the importance of self-care in maintaining overall well-being. 

She emphasizes the need for mental and physical health, incorporating short workouts into her daily routine and planning nutritious meals for her family. 

Mariela says “I believe taking care of ourselves is important. It shows other moms that it’s okay to put themselves first sometimes while still caring for their families.

Get Expert Guidance

Seeking expert guidance is key for mompreneurs. Studies show that those who receive mentorship have higher business survival rates. It’s all about learning from the best to succeed in both business and motherhood.

And Mariela is a huge advocate of this. Not only does she use expert guidance for herself but her podcasts are also known for providing expert guidance on parenting topics. 

As Mariela continues her journey as a mompreneur, her focus remains on expanding her existing ventures while exploring new opportunities to support parents. 

I’m dedicated to helping parents by organizing events and discussing important topics like estate planning. With my strong determination and love for bringing people together, I want to make a big difference in how we support families,” Mariela says. 

Dealing with life’s twists and turns can be tough for everyone. But Mariela De Santiago stands out as a mompreneur role model! She’s rocking both motherhood and running her own business, all while lending a helping hand to other parents. 

By telling her story and giving advice, Mariela encourages people to follow their dreams, even when life with kids gets crazy.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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