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Bessie Lee-Cappell’s Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co Emerges as the Game-Changer of the Baby Product Industry

Ever since she was a young girl, entrepreneur Bessie Lee-Cappell has always heard people tell her that she was “special.” The statements did not make much sense to her until later in life, when she invented her first baby product.

Despite having more than a fair share of struggles, the Philadelphia native has managed to overcome any and all adversities and thrive. One of seven siblings, she holds the title of having the most firsts in her family. She was the first to graduate high school and college and the first one to attend and complete her graduate studies. The accomplished individual proceeded to receive her license from Temple University and has since become a full-time social worker for the Philadelphia Department of Human Services.

As a mother of three, she has experienced firsthand the many challenges of raising children. She realized that the majority of the existing baby products on the market do not meet the needs of mothers and kids all over the world. 

In July of 2019, the inventor decided to take matters into her own hands and created her very first baby product: Brush Bib. Channeling her frustrations in life into something more productive, the innovative woman went on to develop unique and functional baby items. Finally, she saw an opportunity to grow her enterprise, and since then, her company Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co was born.

Being a child safety advocate herself, Bessie Lee-Cappell wants to bring awareness and educate parents across the globe on what safety and health features they should look out for when buying products for their babies. She extends the same advocacy to her company and ensures that all her products use non-hazardous materials and pass safety inspection checks. This level of care and diligence makes Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co’s products stand out from the competition. Overall, the company promises a cleaner solution for the baby’s oral health.

When asked to talk about the safety and quality of her products, the inventor enthusiastically shared, “Our Brush bibs are the only protective barrier made for bottle brushes to prevent the user from being splashed on. Our Pacifier Teether Clips are the only all-in-one pacifier clips which grow with baby to toddlerhood, offer changeable suspender clips, doubles as a teether, made off 100% silicone for easier cleaning, FDA-approved and BPA-free. Our Elephant suspender clips are the only suspender clips that double as a teether made off 100% silicone FDA-approved and BPA-free.”

Crediting her optimistic nature and her go-getter attitude, Bessie Lee-Cappell is exceptionally proud of her accomplishments. She also takes great pride and joy as a pioneering African American business owner in the baby industry.

In the foreseeable future, the self-made entrepreneur remains steadfast in her mission and plans to continue being a game-changer for the baby product industry. She also sees the company rising through the ranks and becoming a global leader producing premium quality baby items.

Learn more about Bessie Lee-Cappell by visiting the respective official websites for Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co and Bessie’s Love and Care.

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