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Cannon Wealth Solutions Introduces Financial Planning for All Income Classes

The world has gone past the era in which only the affluent and super-rich planned their finances. These days, everyone is in a rat race for future financial security, from the middle-class to the wealthy. Cannon Wealth Solutions is a company owned by Robert Cannon AIFA®, an experienced wealth advisor who has worked with affluent investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses all over the United States. As the CEO of Cannon Wealth Solutions, he brings over his more than three decades of experience as a wealth advisor to help everyone in various income classes plan their finances.

Robert Cannon developed the Maverick Investment System®, a system that focuses on creating lifetime income plans after retirement. The Maverick Investment System has been a saving grace for many people during their retirement. Thus far, the system’s success has been due to the unique wealth management and investment process specifically designed for financially successful individuals, couples, and families. Cannon Wealth Solutions positions itself as a wealth advisor company that pulls all the entities in financial planning together and ensures that they are all working seamlessly.

“A coordinating wealth advisor cannot be discarded because that is the only way to maximize the achievement of your goals. At Cannon Wealth Solutions, we help you implement values-based financial planning, with the sole goal of aligning your financial decisions with your important life goals and values,” Robert explains. The company aims to attract everyone who needs help with planning and managing their money. Cannon Wealth Solutions brings a service that used to be available to only the super-wealthy to the middle-class and other income classes.

Robert Cannon built Cannon Wealth Solutions to provide true fiduciary financial planning advice to the middle class. Many people do not consider middle-class wealth as anything worth managing, but Robert is looking to change all that. He is making it normal to achieve financial success and not want to manage the money. Cannon Wealth Solutions step in and take the stress of money off its clients’ plates. The company’s mode of operations is to offer a coordinated solution that links the lawyer with the CPA, financial advisor, and investment manager.

Cannon Wealth Solutions prides itself on running a virtual family office structure where all the specialists involved in a financial plan can be accessed and reached at any time. “The plan that we come up with is based on the clients’ values and vision. We spend time learning about each client and finding out their financial planning goals, life vision, challenges, and hopes. This way, we recommend the best plans and work with them to achieve financial success,” Robert says. In five years, Robert plans to revolutionize financial planning for the middle-class. With Cannon Wealth Solutions, retirement no longer has to be a time to be dreaded. Any reasonable level of financial success can keep staying afloat and putting their money to good use with the professionals and experts on Robert Cannon’s team.

Learn more about Cannon Wealth Solutions by visiting the company’s official website.

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