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Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael K. Newman Shows His Support For Breast Cancer Survivors At Evelyn’s BFF

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr Michael K Newman Shows His Support For Breast Cancer Survivors At Evelyn’s BFF
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By: Ashley Foster 

It was a hot sunny morning  at Playa Del Rey Dockweiler State Beach this past Sunday where Dr. Michael K. Newman and his colleagues from South Bay Plastic Surgery along with more than 1100 other supporters all joined together to run for an incredible cause. 

Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever (BFF) is a non-profit organization with the purpose of uniting women with breast cancer through positive events and financial support on a local level.  Evelyn’s BFF was founded in 2009 and continues to help women going through breast cancer treatment including providing grants to cover the cost of medical treatment. 

Dr. Michael K. Newman’s steadfast support for breast cancer survivors and his participation in Evelyn’s BFF event exemplify his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact. Amidst the sun-drenched ambiance of Playa Del Rey Dockweiler State Beach, Dr. Newman and the South Bay Plastic Surgery team stood united with over 1100 other compassionate individuals, rallying for a remarkable cause. Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever (BFF) resonates as a beacon of hope, uniting women battling breast cancer through uplifting events and vital financial assistance on a local scale. Founded in 2009, Evelyn’s BFF has provided a lifeline for countless women during their breast cancer journey, offering grants that alleviate the burden of medical expenses.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr Michael K Newman Shows His Support For Breast Cancer Survivors At Evelyn’s BFF
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The main annual fundraising event for the organization is Evelyn’s BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Run. The run was started on Evelyn’s five year cancer anniversary in 2013.  Dr Newman & South Bay Plastic Surgeons have been a proud sponsor since its inception. This edition of the event was the 11th Annual BRA Run to commemorate Evelyn’s cancer-versary.  In addition to the 5k and 15k runs, there was a 14 mile bike ride to start the event again this year.  Attendees were  encouraged to wear pink in celebration of breast cancer awareness.  Prizes were awarded for costumes, often including decorated bras, teams, and dogs proudly wearing pink. When asked about the run Dr. Newman kept it bright, It was so exciting to celebrate this tremendous milestone with Evelyn as part of her 15 year cancer-versary since she is now 15 years cancer free, commemorated in a 15k run as part of the event.  Bringing people together for this annual event creates a positive atmosphere around cancer which is part of the mission of Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever charity organization. In addition, thousands of dollars were raised to help with financial support for patients undergoing breast cancer treatment and reconstruction.“

“Our event is important because it spreads awareness of breast cancer reconstruction to the community by encouraging men and women to run and walk in their BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) in honor and in memory of those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer” said Evelyn Calip, founder of Evelyn’s BFF and BRA Run.”

For more information on Evelyn’s BFF visit: to donate and more information on Dr. Michael Newman and South Bay Plastic Surgeons visit:

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