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CEO Anthony Jerdine: An Expert at Helping Clients Grow Their Wealth

It takes years to be an expert at something, and Anthony Jerdine has done just that. With over 27 years of experience in the real estate and financial industries, he has gained the knowledge and extensive experience to navigate investments for his clients with their best interests at heart.

Anthony Jerdine is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and currently serves as the CEO of the Foundation Wealth Trust Group family of companies. It is part of the Global Financial Consortium based in Miami and Dubai. He is also Chairman of the Board for United Global Group, Incorporated, a globally acclaimed technology-based solutions provider based in Vail, Colorado.

Anthony Jerdine has risen among the ranks throughout his career and has worked as a senior VP and CFO of a private equity real estate firm. His experience in the industry covers a broad base, and he has worked with several clients on large-scale projects. In addition, Anthony has done work that includes consulting with the greatest minds in institutional investment and designing, structuring, and launching several private investment funds.

Anthony Jerdine has also worked with companies on project management, construction, permanent financing, and manager selection. He is also well-versed in the ins and outs of large multi-family transactions, which can include structured finance and complex trusts, tax structures, and private placement memorandums. 

Before working in investment and real estate, Anthony Jerdine earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Morehead State University. He has also pursued additional education in his field with the Corporate Finance Institute. With them, Anthony completed certifications to become a world-class financial analyst. He also earned the qualifications necessary to engage in financial modeling, commercial banking, capital markets, and data analysis.

After graduating, he started building his career in real estate investment, development, and financial services. In his success, Anthony began his own company. He co-founded the Foundation Wealth Trust Group, which for several years now has helped several individuals take control of their financial needs and secure their future. 

Anthony Jerdine describes his approach to investing as scientific and process-driven. Along with the rich wealth of knowledge and expertise he has acquired over the years, this approach is critical in helping his associates and companies achieve the financial goals they set.  Anthony shared, “I love my profession and the opportunity it gives me to help so many wonderful people around the world. These people have worked hard for the money they have, and I do what I can to help them make their money work intelligently for them.” Aside from his work with large institutions, Anthony Jerdine has also been involved in developing and implementing investment strategies built for high-net-worth families.

Throughout his career, Anthony Jerdine has built lasting relationships with the people he has worked with. He said, “The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships. And I can say that my life is great because I have solid relationships with my family, co-workers, and the companies I work with. This is what keeps my motors running.”

Anthony Jerdine is an entrepreneur, financial advisor, and CEO of the Foundation Wealth trust group. To learn more about the work Anthony has done, you may visit this website.

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