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Cristina Hernandez: Blending Music with Technology

Cristina Hernandez Blending Music with Technology
Photo Courtesy: Cristina Hernandez

By: Hannah Scott 

The fusion of music and technology has sparked a revolution, transforming how music is crafted and shared. In this digital age, artists can now explore new sonic territories and connect with audiences across the globe. 

This shift has democratized the music industry, giving creators the power to independently produce, distribute, and promote their music, forging direct paths to their listeners.

A study from the Music Business Association highlights that digital music sales at this point account for more than half of all music revenue worldwide. This is evidence of technology’s transformative impact on the industry.

Cristina Hernandez, an artist and owner of Selva Beats, is celebrated for her synthesis of percussion-driven rhythms and electronic compositions. She has firsthand experience navigating the dynamic changes in music technology, adapting to both innovations and challenges along the way.

Since the start of her journey in music, Cristina has evolved into a seasoned producer. Along the way, she has harnessed technology’s capabilities to amplify her creative voice and connect with fans worldwide.

“Technology has been a game-changer in my music career,” Cristina shares. “It has allowed me to experiment with sounds and rhythms in ways that were unimaginable when I first started.”

Cristina Hernandez Blending Music with Technology_2
Photo Courtesy: Cristina Hernandez

Cristina’s journey with music technology began with the use of basic recording equipment and software. This enabled her to lay down tracks and experiment with different sounds. 

As technology advanced, so did her methods. She started incorporating sophisticated digital audio workstations (DAWs), synthesizers, and percussion pads into her repertoire. This transition wasn’t just about adopting new tools; it was about embracing the potential of technology to expand her creative horizons. “Every new piece of technology brought with it a world of possibilities,” she explains. “It was like discovering a new instrument every time.”

Her innovative use of technology extends beyond production to the distribution and marketing of her music. In the early stages of her career, Cristina utilized platforms like MySpace and SoundCloud to share her music and connect with listeners. 

Today, she leverages a suite of digital tools, from streaming services to social media, to share her work and connect with fans globally. “The way we share and consume music has evolved drastically,” Cristina notes. “Technology has enabled me to reach listeners across the globe, breaking down the barriers that once limited my reach.”

The relationship between music and technology in Cristina’s career is a reflection of the broader industry trends. As digital platforms expand, they offer artists unprecedented chances to innovate and establish connections. Streaming services, in particular, have transformed how we consume music, providing artists with essential data about listener preferences. This information is invaluable for developing marketing strategies and making creative decisions.

However, merging music with technology isn’t always smooth sailing. With the music-making floodgates wide open, it’s tough to get noticed. Plus, keeping up with fast-changing tech can be overwhelming, even for those who know their way around gadgets. 

Yet, Cristina stays positive about where music and tech are headed. She believes in staying curious and open to change, saying, “Technology keeps evolving, and so does the way we make and enjoy music. It’s a thrilling time to be an artist.”

Stories like that of Cristina really show what it’s like to be a musician today, dealing with the ups and downs of a fast-changing music scene but still keeping her own style. Her path reflects the shifts taking place in the music industry thanks to technology, showing both the huge opportunities and the tough parts. 

As Cristina keeps exploring new sounds and tech possibilities, her journey encourages other artists to see how tech can help them get creative and bring people together through music.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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