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Elliott Blake Booe: The Rising Singer-Songwriter with a Unique Approach to Making Music

Elliott Blake Booe
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Elliott Blake Booe, a singer-songwriter hailing from Clay City, Indiana, is an artist you need to look forward to. With a diverse background of experiences, ranging from playing college basketball at Indiana State, to working in the family business, Booe’s music reflects his unique perspective on life. He arrived in Nashville four years ago with no connections or expectations, but discovered that making music was the perfect outlet for his emotions. He has since recorded 15 songs, released four, played over 100 shows since last Spring, and even hosts his own show. Booe’s music is a blend of traditional country, with a touch of cross-genre collaboration, and he aims to connect with people through his unique stories. He says, “I want to speak more to those people who speak to me”

Booe did not come to Nashville with the intention of making music, but rather stumbled upon it as a form of self-expression during a difficult time in his life. He does not see himself as fitting into a particular musical box, and instead allows himself to explore various sounds and styles as he continues in his journey as an artist and writer.

Booe believes that his range of shared experiences is what makes him unique as a musician. He has faced a variety of challenges that came to head during the pandemic, including relocation, family health issues, changing careers, divorce, and the loss of a pet. Despite these struggles, he remains a fighter and continues to test the luck of the stars.

Booe’s approach to music is one of openness and experimentation. “As I expand my skills and experience, it creates an exponential change in my ability to express my inspiration,” he said. 

Elliott Blake Booe is a unique artist who did not come to Nashville with the intention of making music but instead found it as an outlet of expression and passion. He loves to learn and explore different sounds, styles and genres to express emotions and shared experiences throughout his life. He is a free thinker who follows where the energy leads and is excited to release a collection of songs he is proud of in the near future.


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