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Eric Martel and How He Found Financial Freedom Despite Life’s Twist and Turns

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Life and the journey to financial freedom can get complicated at times, and for many, dealing with the complexities can be impossibly challenging. Financial freedom, especially, has been an aspect of life that many people struggle with but now it does not have to be that way. Successful real estate professional Eric Martel introduces his life-changing real estate investing platform, MartelTurnkey, to help people achieve financial freedom.

Eric Martel, with his over 25 years of real estate experience, is here to show everyone struggling with their finances that they can invest in something that works. He also makes it a duty to share the story of how he also had to start all over from scratch at a point and bounced back even higher than the position he was in before he lost it all.

As an entrepreneur, real estate investor, consultant, advisor, and professional, Eric Martel has achieved a lot in the real estate industry, which has led him to also become a podcast host, author, and speaker. He has a strong desire to empower people to achieve financial success like he did and not have to worry about their retirement years.

Martel’s journey into the real estate world started at a very young age, and he bought and managed his apartment building at the age of 18. After graduating with a degree in Actuarial Mathematics, he got a job as an actuarial analyst, but the whole career setup did not sit right with him. He saw how people struggled in retirement and realized it was not going to be any different for him unless he found another career. “I was dismayed to see hundreds of company pension plans being rolled over into 401(k)s shifting the retirement risk to employees,” shares Eric. “This made me reconsider traditional beliefs about retirement saving,” he said.

He had a short stint in the technology industry, but in 2001, the Dotcom crash happened and Eric lost most of his fortune and was forced to start all over. He tried his hands at different things, including a gourmet sauce company, but it would not get him where he had envisioned. So he had to return to his first passion: real estate. Still working as an independent consultant,  Eric delved straight into real estate investing with the help of his sons. He worked round the clock for four years before he was able to quit his consulting business and focus completely on real estate investing. His company, MartelTurnkey, helps other people achieve their real estate dreams.

Under his personal website, Eric puts together helpful resources and offers mentorship sessions to anyone looking to overcome their financial challenges, achieve financial freedom, and leave a legacy for their children. He creates educational and motivational content on social media, especially his TikTok account. He also hosts a podcast show Break Away from the Rat Race where he talks about real estate, business, investing principles, and other things. Many successful entrepreneurs have featured on the podcast as guests, including Rich Fettke, Michael Zuber, Joshua Miller, Tim Milazzo, Thomas Staub, etc.

In a few years, Eric Martel sees people making the switch to real estate investing and turning their lives around for good. He hopes MartelTurnkey will continue to impact and change lives through the many initiatives he has launched on the platform.

Learn more about Eric Martel on his personal website or visit MartelTurnkey’s website. Eric Martel is also available on social media on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

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