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Forced to Grow Up Early, DJ Chris Angel Opens up About the Choices He Made That Led to His Music Career

No matter how you put it, change is always scary, especially when it’s venturing into a passion that you’ve held on to for so long. There is a fear of failure, not being good enough, and losing stability, but fear can also be a good thing. It can be an indication that we’re heading in the right direction. When DJ Chris Angel felt it was time to delve into music, several obstacles stood in his way. Fast forward to the present, one can see how far the DJ has come. 

Born as Christian Younan, the future DJ had to grow up quickly in a fast-paced world. Forced to leave childhood early, Christian started working at 14, watering plants for a coffee shop. As he entered his mid-teens, Christian was practically an adult, juggling two jobs at 16. He worked at a fast-food joint and a music store selling CDs. 

“I can say I didn’t have a normal upbringing,” Christian recalled. “I knew something had to change.”

Despite having to do so much, it was not entirely a bad experience for the would-be DJ, as his time at the music store piqued his interest in becoming a musician. So Christian started saving money to purchase music equipment and old records. He would pass on football practice to work at school, puzzling his team and coach, who would ask him, “Hey Magic Man, where are you going?” To which he would respond, “Heading to work, coach.”

Christian would later join the military, where he spent the early days of his adult life. However, his passion for music would prompt him to leave and finally pursue his endeavors professionally. As a result, he took on the stage name “DJ Chris Angel,” picking up the nickname he earned from high school. The young DJ had very long hair back then, and his teammates would dub him “Chris Angel” after the renowned magician. 

However, after parting with the military, social anxiety started to kick in, and depression soon affected him. “It ruined my ability to be in large crowds of people, which affected my music performance,” said the DJ. Although his self-esteem dwindled, DJ Chris Angel endured for love of the profession. Refusing to stay down, he continued to work on his craft, building his name as a growing DJ in the craft.

Today, DJ Chris Angel is renowned for his distinctive sound, which can be reflected in his colorful discography. Each track speaks volumes about his unparalleled talents as the musician strives to instill hope in his listeners. Having overcome his anxiety, DJ Chris Angel not only performs in front of crowds but also comes alive for his music. 

Although he has already been slowly establishing his name, DJ Chris Angel is humble enough to admit that he is still in the process of honing his skills. As the musician continues to release well-crafted music, DJ Chris Angel hopes that listeners can look beyond the melody and find pieces of his sentiment and relate to him. The musician plans to take his career to the next level and collaborate with names he has always looked up to.Learn more about DJ Chris Angel by following him on Instagram.

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