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Good Heart Hospice on Transforming Lives and Promoting Better Palliative Care

Every now and then, established authorities would make headlines for gaining the ability to conquer financial feats and achieve monetary goals. While such a milestone is motivational in itself, nothing takes center stage the way purpose-driven ventures and philanthropic institutions do. Good Heart Hospice is one of those that are committed to prioritizing people over profit. Through its approach, it breathes life into the founders’ advocacy of elevating patient care across the state of California.

With the increasing need to provide hospice care across the state, the purpose-driven minds behind Good Heart Hospice have made it their mission to address this gap by guaranteeing a better quality of life, especially to those who need palliative treatment. Over the last ten years, California has witnessed a rising number of hospice patients, combined with a rapidly aging population. Having experienced this circumstance herself, co-founder Maya Thona thought it best to gear her brainchild towards providing a solution: one she wished was there when they needed it the most.

Passionately established in Rancho Cucamonga, California, by Maya and Patrick Thona, Good Heart Hospice not only serves as a helping hand for patients in their most challenging times but also stands as an avenue where individuals are treated with utmost care and compassion. In an industry that has become one of the biggest breeding grounds for fraudulent causes and money-making pursuits, this emerging entity takes it upon itself to become a leading medical provider, especially to those who are most vulnerable. “Each patient that comes through our door is meticulously cared for and offered a personalized, compassionate plan of care,” shared co-founder Maya Thona. “With clients in the San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties, our hospice is aiming to become a preferred hospice provider by every center we can,” she added.

With Maya’s extensive experience in nursing and Patrick’s exceptional expertise in business, the power duo is more than equipped to launch a promising enterprise that is set to make a difference. However, Maya and Patrick never fail to give credit to their well-trained staff that has helped them materialize their vision from the start. Had it not been for this powerful combination, Good Heart Hospice would not have been named as the preferred provider by Loma Linda Medical University Medical Center.

“Each minute of the day is an opportunity for us to relieve someone of caregiving responsibilities at home,” explained Maya. “I’m honored to have such a thoughtful roster of staff that treats each patient with the dignity and love they deserve,” she added.

Although Good Heart Hospice has already managed to reach impressive heights, it remains committed to its goal of elevating palliative care across the state of California by offering an exclusive program called the No-Cost Family Hospice Consultation, which provides families with proactive education on hospice care. The program includes free consultations, which bring case managers to each family in need and allow professionals to assess the situation and create a personalized, adaptive care plan that can start within 24 hours. “We refuse to shortchange patients on supplies for the sake of higher profit margins,” said Patrick. “Our approach focuses on maximizing comfort to ensure the days spent in our care are as peaceful as they can be.”

As the founders continue to dedicate themselves to revolutionizing palliative care in California, they hope that Good Heart Hospice expands to more states, bringing quality hospice care to those who need it. With a purpose-driven vision and compassionate spirits, they are well underway.

To know more about Good Heart Hospice, you may visit its website. 

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