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Introducing CoreRootLabs: A New Era of Affordable, High-Quality Cellular Nutrition

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CoreRootLabs is a groundbreaking startup that is poised to revolutionize the health and wellness landscape with its premium product line. Focusing on delivering cellular nutrition at an affordable price. Powered by Deep Rooted Unlimited (DRU), the brand’s imminent launch is generating excitement for its commitment to using superior ingredients that truly set it apart from other products on the market.

CoreRootLabs’ mission is simple yet powerful: “Cellular nutrition at an affordable price.” The company aims to make top-tier health solutions more accessible to everyone, with its 2-step product line designed to cater to a variety of needs:

“Restart” is a 30-day program for optimal absorption, featuring Aloe, Probiotic, Tea, Protein Smoothie/Vegan Protein, and Multivitamin.

While “Level Up” focuses on performance and maintenance, including Aloe, Probiotic, Protein Smoothie/Animal or Vegan, Multivitamin, Preworkout or Tea, and Multivitamin.

Sam Allen, founder and CEO of CoreRootLabs, brings his personal passion and determination to create a product that he could trust and take pride in using. His background as a professional soccer player exposed him to the darker side of the health and wellness industry when he was fined for inadvertently consuming a banned substance in a widely recognized supplement. This experience ignited a drive to learn more about the industry and to develop a brand that prioritizes transparency and excellence.

As the health and wellness market becomes increasingly saturated with products containing fillers, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients, consumer demand for natural, pure products is on the rise. CoreRootLabs is committed to meeting this demand by offering products with unrivaled quality and affordability.

Sam Allen has assembled a astounding team to help bring his vision to life. Charmian Carl, serving as the Chairman, boasts an impressive background in film and television as a producer, writer, and director. Carl’s previous experience as the Editor-in-Chief of Playgirl Magazine saw her increasing sales by 60% and garnering the magazine’s first industry awards.

Elliot Zaki is another essential member of the CoreRootLabs team. With over a decade of experience in leadership roles within global organizations, Zaki brings his solution-oriented mindset and expertise in communication plans and event strategies across a range of industries, such as hi-tech, media, and retail.

The combined talents, experience, and dedication of the CoreRootLabs team position the brand for remarkable success in the health and wellness industry. As it prepares for the eagerly anticipated launch of its innovative product line, CoreRootLabs is set to redefine the market’s expectations for cellular nutrition. With a focus on providing effective, affordable solutions for health-conscious individuals, CoreRootLabs is determined to lead the way in promoting wellness for all.

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