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Transitioning from College Basketball to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Social Media Agency: The Inspiring Story of Alex Sattley

Alex Sattley
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Alex Sattley is the embodiment of the American dream. At 28 years old, he has accomplished what many people can only dream of – transitioning from a career in sports to building a successful social media agency. Despite the perceived financial stability of a sports career, Alex had the courage to pursue his passion for social media and turn it into a multi-million-dollar business.

Originally from Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, Alex played college basketball before deciding to pursue social media. He founded his agency from scratch and transformed it into one of the most profitable agencies in the country. Despite his immense success, Alex remains grounded, humble, and always eager to learn and take on new challenges.

Alex recalls a conversation he had with an older man in the sauna of a local gym, who owned the #1 racehorse in the US and had a net worth of over $30 million. The man confided in Alex that he wished he was young and broke again, despite his immense wealth. This encounter left a profound impact on Alex and serves as a reminder to always appreciate the present moment.

Alex stumbled upon social media marketing during a vacation in Miami when a friend introduced him to various platforms. He soon realized the potential of social media and decided to make it his career. With the help of his right-hand man and assistant, Terell, he has built a successful agency that allows people to achieve a high level of income without having to market themselves on their own platforms.

Like any entrepreneur, Alex had his fair share of mistakes and challenges in the beginning. One of his biggest mistakes was miscalculating how many weeks are in a year, resulting in a lower salary for his employees. However, he has since corrected his errors and learned the importance of social connections in business. He advises fellow entrepreneurs to travel and explore new ideas, as it can lead to greater motivation and success.

Beyond business, Alex is passionate about teaching young people how to create a foundation for themselves in business. He envisions his agency as a means to reach out to young people in their early 20s and provide them with the necessary skills and resources to succeed in their careers.

As for his own future, Alex’s goal is to maintain a cash flow of over $29 million and purchase ten more properties. With his dedication, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit, there is no doubt that he will continue to succeed and inspire others to follow their dreams.

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