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Seoul Juice Brings the Delectable Taste of Korean Pear to California and Emerges as the Go-To Choice for Health Beverages


For all its sunshine and promise of entertainment, California could be merciless to today’s budding and established entrepreneurs. The cutthroat nature of its commercial space is primarily credited to the flood of ventures that call The Golden State their home. This saturation and the corresponding increase in the degree of competition that follows puts pressure on every business to stand out if they wish to secure a coveted spot at the forefront of their respective markets. Despite this considerable hurdle, Seoul Juice has managed to gain a solid foothold in the beverage industry, thanks to its impressive selection of healthy products and its emphasis on the importance of taking in only what’s good for one’s body. 

Seoul Juice is the brainchild of Luis Manta, a graduate of Saint Louis University and former athlete whose personal experiences with some of the most popular sports drinks in the market served as the impetus behind the birth of an all-natural drink with only three ingredients: water, Korean pear juice, and organic lemon juice. 

“A lot of the hydration products you see are either packed with additive ingredients you can’t pronounce or taste terrible,” shared the young go-getter currently rising through the ranks in an industry known to favor those with decades of experience under their belt. “I wanted to develop a product that not only provided the electrolytes needed to compete but was also clean and tasted great.”


The seedling that would soon grow into a venture quickly becoming California’s favorite was planted during Luis Manta’s sophomore year. In May 2021, Seoul Juice made its debut in the beverage industry, disrupting the space as the first business to create a mainstream item from the Korean pear. Right now, this health-conscious enterprise continues to earn the patronage of parents and kids not only because of the light apple flavor of its signature drink but also for its low amount of sugar and the extent to which the drink can replenish one’s body with its 400mg concentration of potassium per bottle. 

So far, Seoul Juice has built a great customer base in California, staying afloat amid a sea of competitors promising to offer the same all-natural product. Of course, it helped that its hydrating drink is available online and on Amazon and is also ready for purchase from many independent stores up and down the West Coast. Most impressively, the company has been able to survive the brutal economic fallout brought by the pandemic, a feat that was accomplished with the help of its supportive customer base.

With Luis Manta at the helm, Seoul Juice has reached great heights and is set to enjoy a position in the limelight, thanks to its recent strategic moves and future plans. In particular, its rebranding efforts in the face of the aftermath of the COVID-19 have propelled the venture closer to the top.

“We will be expanding across the nation this year,” added the business’s purpose-driven founder. “We also have some new distribution agreements that we will be announcing in the next couple of months.”



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