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Setting the Stage for Comedy: “Union” and the Cultural Renaissance of Washington, D.C.

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Washington, D.C., traditionally celebrated as the political heart of the nation, is undergoing a significant cultural metamorphosis. With the city’s entertainment industry booming, the recent debut of the sitcom “Union” emerges as a shining testament to this transformation. Presented by the Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment (OCTFME), this series is the sparkling new addition to the world of online streaming, premiering exclusively on the global streaming platforms – DCE (District of Columbia Entertainment) and Discovered.

“Union” isn’t your typical sitcom. It houses an eclectic mix of talent, from Emmy-winning actors and musicians to athletes. The commanding presence of Tommy Davidson, with his storied comedic legacy from “Proud Family” and “In Living Color,” ensures hearty laughter and wit. His chemistry with other established actors like Ernest Thomas of “What’s Happening!!” and “Everybody Hates Chris” fame, and Shar Jackson, who left an indelible mark as “Niecy” in “Moesha,” is palpable. And, in an unexpected twist, two-time pro-bowler and Super Bowl victor Vernon Davis has joined the ensemble, emphasizing the show’s commitment to showcasing diverse talents.

The location of “Union” is also noteworthy. The series, shot at the emblematic Union District Oyster Bar in Northeast Washington, strikes a delicate balance between reality and fiction. This choice of location offers viewers an intimate experience of D.C. culture, as the show incorporates the real-world ambience of a bustling bar.

The visionaries behind the scenes of “Union” are equally significant. Russell Webster, the man behind the Union District Oyster Bar, dons multiple hats as the President/CEO of Union District Films and the show’s executive producer. Alongside him, Bruce Walker from OCTFME shapes the series’ soul, fostering a narrative that celebrates human relationships, shared moments, and the universal language of laughter. Furthermore, the involvement of industry heavyweights like Bill Boulware, the genius behind classics like “227” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and Chuck Vinson, a seasoned director with credits on “The Cosby Show,” adds an extra layer of depth and finesse to the series.

The launch of “Union” signals more than just the addition of another show to a streaming platform. LaToya Foster, OCTFME’s Director, believes that such endeavors highlight the vast reservoir of talent and artistry that Washington, D.C., houses. It solidifies the capital’s emerging identity as a hotspot for original content creation, parallel to its political prominence.

Jessica Washington from Discovered shares this enthusiasm, reflecting a mutual commitment to producing engaging, authentic content. “Union” captures the essence of D.C. – its humor, warmth, diversity, and spirit, making it not just a show but a reflection of life in the city.

“Union” is the embodiment of Washington, D.C.’s vibrant culture, a tapestry weaving together comedy, sports, music, and local essence. It’s an invitation to experience the city in a new light, with all its laughs and stories. Ready for a fresh take on the Washington, D.C. experience? “Union” is waiting for you on the DCE and Discovered platforms.

About Union Films

Union District Films (UDF) is a Fully Integrated Global Media and Communications Company based in Washington DC. The Company was founded in 2020 by Russell Webster and Shyam Rao. UDF develop, create and produce feature films, TV Series, commercials etc. 


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