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Sharon Champagne Terry: A Renaissance Woman Out to Leave a Mark on the World

Thriving in multiple practices is virtually impossible if you want to excel at all of them. But some renaissance-level influencers break the mold and build significant success in various practices. One such creator and artist is Sharon Champagne Terry, who has left an indelible mark in acting, writing, screenwriting, speaking, hosting, and many other fields in her lifetime. 

Champagne’s deep portfolio starts with her acting career, in which she has now reached unprecedented success levels at record speed. She is a cast member in the show I’ll Drink To That, a comedy created by the legendary comedian and scriptwriter Uncle Trent. The actress has also starred in multiple films, such as Living the Dream and Between Jobs. Champagne does just as excellently off-screen as she does in front of the camera as she also handles creative development for many significant film projects. The writer recently created the TV pilot for a show called The Goddess, which will be airing this coming fall under MJOWN Network on the major streaming platform, Roku. Champagne also teaches screenwriting for aspiring film professionals at the Coach John Screenwriting Academy.

Apart from film and screenwriting, Sharon Champagne Terry also loves to write fiction stories for the literary genre. She has published multiple titles, including The Goddess of Love, Lust and Infatuation Part 1, Blissful Lust Part 2, Dark Memories, and The Crossover. For her outstanding work in fiction writing, the author has gathered multiple awards and recognitions, including being selected for the Author of the Year in the Roca Awards twice consecutively and the Top Female Author of 2019 honor in the Author Academy Awards

Champagne also runs her own publishing operations under her company, Champagne Books, which takes care of her literary venture’s corporate and management side. The artist has transitioned into a high-performing entrepreneur in the process, further adding to her long list of talents. 

When she isn’t writing or running literary projects, Sharon Terry also takes time to build a modeling career. She has modeled for various runways and appeared in many covers and photoshoots through the help of Hass Entertainment. This premier modeling agency has tapped into multiple global partnerships and collaborations with some of the biggest brands in the world. The company has worked with The Night of Elegance and The Night of Elegance Summit in New York City, and many other fashion and lifestyle events that have graced publications and media imprints. Champagne leads the way for a new generation of plus-size models, rewriting the stigmas and wrong notions that plague the fashion and lifestyle genre.

Beyond the art and business ventures, Sharon Champagne Terry has one unifying banner that brings together all her experiences: to become an inspiration for women everywhere. Terry hopes to battle the misconception that you can only be one thing your whole life and challenge people to dip their fingers into different things until they find true happiness and fulfillment.Champagne hopes that her story will continue to propagate throughout industries and influence those who have dealt with self-sabotage and impostor syndrome their whole life. She speaks a message of confidence to the cancel culture that prevails today and desires to start an army of dream-chasers who will shake the world at its core. Learn more about Champagne Terry and her various projects by visiting her website and Instagram profile.

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