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Shubham and ‘Oceans Away’ Ride High with ‘Through the Night’ Triumph, Tease Upcoming Album

Shubham and 'Oceans Away' Ride High with 'Through the Night' Triumph, Tease Upcoming Album
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In a cinematic venture that has been nothing short of astounding, Shubham, alongside the talented actress Sara Soler and director Gregorio Jimenez, has played a pivotal role in the making of “Distance Romance.” This project isn’t the limit of his creative endeavors, as Shubham has also recently produced “Through the Night” with his collaboration with rock band ‘Oceans Away,’ led by the charismatic Robbie Aaron Godoy, resulting in an extraordinary music video for their track ‘Through the Night.’

Around a year ago, a bold proposal was presented to Shubham by Robbie Aaron Godoy, the lead performer of ‘Oceans Away’ – to create an enthralling music video, despite budget constraints and a somewhat vague vision. Shubham’s enthusiastic acceptance of the challenge marked the beginning of an incredible journey. Over two intense days, their collaboration spanned diverse locations across downtown Los Angeles, including a desert, a garage, and a studio.

The outcome of this artistic endeavor was beyond what was anticipated. Shubham and his team handled both production and post-production, creating a music video that surpassed the budget’s limitations, impressing even A-list Hollywood insiders with its production quality. This accomplishment not only showcased Shubham’s exceptional talent but also brought ‘Oceans Away’s’ music to a broader audience.

The release of the music video thrust the collaboration into the spotlight, securing invitations to various music festivals. Their resourceful approach and artistic brilliance have garnered well-deserved recognition, solidifying their status as rising stars in the competitive world of music video production.”Through the Night” has earned prestigious accolades at respected festivals, including the Budapest Movie Awards, Filmmaker Sessions – Lift-Off Global Network, and the Chatham-Kent International Film Festival. This recognition underscores Shubham’s versatility and excellence as an artist, making a significant impact in both the film and music video realms.

However, Shubham shares that nothing comes without challenges as during the filming of ‘Distant Romance,’ a unique challenge arose when they aimed to shoot indoors at a school while hiring a group of boisterous bikers. The noise drew the attention of local police officers, temporarily halting production. In a display of quick thinking, Shubham creatively captured the bikers’ departure from various angles and, in a stroke of genius, utilized a drone to capture a breathtaking aerial shot of 20 bikers in motion.

The partnership between Shubham and ‘Oceans Away’ not only underscores the power of creativity but also highlights the potential of emerging talent in the music video industry. Their journey stands as a testament to the incredible results that can be achieved through a shared vision, passion, and the audacity to push creative boundaries. As they continue to embrace new challenges and produce innovative work, Shubham and ‘Oceans Away’ are poised to make enduring waves in both the music and videography landscapes.

Excitingly, this collaboration is only the beginning. Shubham and ‘Oceans Away’ have announced that a full album collaboration is in the works, promising a treasure trove of creative content in the near future.


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