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Stop Fixing Yourself, Anthony De Mello’s Must-Read Book Edited by Don Joseph Goewey that Maneuvers Readers toward an Enlightened Life

Happiness serves as one of the end goals of many individuals. Once a person has managed to meet their needs and satisfy their wants, the question is no longer about surviving but thriving. However, many who have sought happiness have had to contend with the challenge of defining what it exactly is and figuring out the steps necessary in attaining it. For some, the answer springs forth after a seemingly endless bout of self-reflection, while for others, it is the wisdom of established authorities and experts that made the process easier. Through his book, Stop Fixing Yourself, edited by Don Joseph Goewey, Anthony De Mello explores the concepts of enlightenment and awareness and their role in enabling people to feel at peace with themselves and the world.

At the core of this highly insightful book is the question that resides in the minds of countless: Can one obtain enlightenment without the slightest effort on their part? Published on April 13, 2021, it is the masterpiece of the late Anthony De Mello, a Jesuit priest hailing from India who is widely known for his groundbreaking and enduring work on integrating Western and Eastern spirituality. He stands as the inspiration behind the launch of the DeMello Center, a nonprofit organization driven by the mission of extending globally the approach that the Sadhana Institute founder utilized in realizing his innate capacity to transcend numerous circumstances and beat the odds. This reputable institution puts a heavy premium on equipping individuals with the knowledge and resources they need to experience peace and happiness, both of which are intrinsic qualities that often elude those who are on the journey of achieving them. 

Decades after his untimely death in 1987, Anthony De Mello continues to make a difference in the lives of others. His brainchild, Stop Fixing Yourself, has emerged as a go-to resource, maneuvering readers in the direction of an enlightened life. Additionally, it tackles the importance of awareness in the pursuit of growth and happiness as well as zeroes in on the ways a person can make their lives more meaningful and prosperous. 

Stop Fixing Yourself is edited by the acclaimed Don Joseph Goewey. This best-selling author is the creative mind behind The End of Stress: Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain and Mystic Cool, Neuroplasticity, Thought, and the Power of Attitude. Apart from leaving a mark as a writer, he has also succeeded in building a solid reputation by managing the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford Medical School. 

Currently, Don Joseph Goewey stands at the helm of DeMello Center. As its executive director, he is intimately aware of the teachings of Anthony De Mello, wielding them in helping thousands around the globe handle stress and live a happy, healthy, and more fulfilled life.  

In the months since its release, Stop Fixing Yourself has captured the attention of a considerable number of readers seeking guidance. With its focus on living life to the fullest, it is set to gain the interest of more people worldwide. 

More information about Stop Fixing Yourself can be found here.

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