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The Creative Agency Rebrand

 The Creative Agency Launches New Logo 

When you think about the future of your company, what do you imagine?

For Jahna Eichel and The Creative Agency, it was all about growth. Not just for them—but for their clients too.

They believe that every company can grow, no matter how big or small. And when it comes to helping those companies make that leap, there’s no one better than The Creative Agency.

They wanted to create a new logo that stood out, that truly represented their company ethos. If you want your company to grow, you need to partner with The Creative Agency. As a digital media powerhouse, The Creative Agency is an industry-leader that has helped countless companies take off.

“We wanted to create something that would immediately catch the eye and make the reader feel like they are entering a world of expertise and opportunity.” said Eichel.

The new logo is powerful in its simplicity. The white and black color palette show the worldly success of their business, as well as the dynamic weight of their expertise. The lines embody the growth and splendor that their services bring every business they encounter.

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