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Tips for Working with AI Tools in 2024

Tips for Working with AI Tools in 2024
Photo Credit: Ashay Shukla

I’m excited about 2024 and how AI will shape our future! These tools keep advancing, making things like work and life more streamlined.

No matter your role – be it boss, manager, or employee – AI can free you from mundane tasks. This way, you can prioritize strategy and meaning. As we enter 2024, here’s my advice for making the most of AI:

Let AI Write and Edit

Writing’s hard! But in 2024, AI tools like Grammarly and ChatGPT will have our backs. They’ll pitch ideas, fix errors, polish our words – all that jazz. We can outsource tedious tasks as these tools get smarter. Spend time dreaming up ideas, not scrutinizing sentences. Move projects ahead while your AI pal manages the small stuff. We’ve got this!

Create Images with AI

Making graphics and images from nothing? Talk about dull and time-wasting! But AI image creators are getting really clever these days – mocking up visuals with creativity to spare. In 2024, they’ll be cranking out mockups, infographics, and snazzy visuals lickety-split. Rather than pulling your hair out storyboarding, let smart tools do the heavy lifting. Add visual spice to documents and presentations without all the effort. Now that’s what I call time saved!

Transcribe Meetings with AI

Ugh, I hate needing to recap meetings and type up notes by hand! But apps like Otter and Fireflies? Now, those are lifesavers. They listen in on the meeting convos and whip up transcripts lickety-split – even pulling out important stuff and actions for follow-up. In 2024, this tech is just gonna get better and better at understanding us humans. Give these tools a spin and free up your schedule! No more scribbling till your hand hurts or missing crucial details. Meeting notes are done right, if you ask me. This way, we can focus on the people, not the paperwork!

Use AI to Optimise Your Calendar

Managing your calendar is vital for productivity, but it can get pretty overwhelming. Tools like, an AI calendar assistant, go beyond just scheduling meetings and blocking focus time automatically. They actually learn your habits and preferences, optimizing how you spend your days. Relying on this kind of AI support can help free up valuable mental bandwidth.

Practice Conversations Using AI

Conversation simulators powered by AI, such as ChatGPT, offer the opportunity to practice difficult discussions and receive feedback on tone, wording, and overall approach from an unbiased third party. Engaging in rehearsals with AI can enhance confidence and articulation in preparation for important meetings or interactions.

Utilise AI for Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics

Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and similar AI-driven data platforms prove highly beneficial for uncovering insights and trends concealed within extensive datasets. In 2024, these tools are expected to further advance, automating tasks like data preparation, analysis, and reporting, thereby enhancing the speed and quality of decision-making processes.

Create a “Second Brain” for Your Team or Organization

Tools like ProAI’s AI business plan generator created by top business plan writers Pro Business Plans and platforms like Coda, equipped with integrated AI capabilities, essentially act as a second brain or pitch deck consultant for your team or entire company. They unlock the collective knowledge within an organization in an easily searchable manner. By centralizing tribal knowledge with AI, valuable time is saved that would otherwise be spent searching through emails and messages for information.

Organise Priorities and Workload Using AI

Navigating through various streams of incoming requests and priorities can be quite overwhelming. Task management tools powered by AI can assist in sorting through tasks, projects, and meetings to determine what aligns best with your schedule, goals, and objectives of your organization. AI plays a crucial role in discerning and prioritizing what matters most.

AI-Powered Coaching for Managers

Platforms such as Kona leverage AI to deliver personalized coaching programs aimed at enhancing leadership skills. Kona utilizes AI assessments to identify strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities, offering improved support for both reports and teams. Prioritizing self-improvement through AI coaching leads to more rapid and effective results.

Engage Employees with AI-Generated Ideas

Finding creative ways to keep employees motivated and engaged requires a significant amount of mental effort. AI tools can generate personalized ideas to enhance morale, ignite creativity, and reinforce team connections using data and logic. Relying on AI for engagement concepts helps free up mental space.

Adopt a Virtual AI Assistant

Virtual assistants such as Clara, Amy, and Alyce, powered by AI, are capable of handling daily administrative tasks like scheduling, note-taking, making travel arrangements, and reporting expenses. Delegating these responsibilities to an AI assistant results in significant time savings every week.

Hire Smarter with Specialised AIs

Hiring tools powered by AI, such as Deel IQ, provide access to specialized information and insights that aren’t available on broad platforms like ChatGPT. This additional intelligence contributes to making more informed candidate evaluations and better hiring decisions, ultimately helping to build the strongest teams possible.

Monitor Competitors with AI

Tools like Browse AI and Scraper automatically keep tabs on online sources, social media, and other public information to alert you about significant events, launches, hires, and more at your competitor companies. Staying ahead of the competition without the need for manual monitoring provides a strategic advantage.

AI-Driven Branding and Logo Creation

Crafting a logo color palette and establishing a distinct brand identity is crucial for any business. AI design tools remove the necessity for costly creative agencies by offering various logo concepts, brand visuals, and design systems to choose from in seconds, all based on your input.

Produce High-Quality Product Shots and Videos

Enhancing your ecommerce site or online product listings with high-quality photography and video is imperative in 2024. AI creative tools, such as Runway, can automatically produce magazine-worthy product shots and professional videos in any style you desire.

Create Professional Presentations with AI

Create stylish and visually appealing presentations in a fraction of the time using AI presentation tools like By inputting information, AI generates creative slide decks with engaging graphics customized to your brand. The era of building presentations from the ground up is behind us. If you require assistance with content without AI, we recommend considering the option of hiring a pitch deck consultant.

The potential with AI support is genuinely boundless, and these tips offer an excellent starting point for integrating artificial intelligence into your workflow, ensuring maximum productivity and impact. As AI capabilities continue to grow, discovering effective ways to leverage these tools will offer a substantial competitive advantage in 2024 and beyond.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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