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Absolute Maintenance & Consulting: Exploring Water Intrusion and Mold Remediation in Los Angeles

Absolute Maintenance & Consulting: The Ultimate Solution to Water Intrusion and Mold Remediation in Los Angeles
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When it comes to addressing water-related concerns, Los Angeles residents and businesses turn to Absolute Maintenance & Consulting. With over three decades of experience, the company has solidified its reputation as a trusted expert in leak detection, mold remediation, waterproofing, and more.

Comprehensive Services in Leak and Mold Remediation

Absolute Maintenance & Consulting offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients:

Leak Detection and Waterproofing

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company specializes in detecting leaks that can lead to costly damages. From windows, roofs, doors, to property foundations, their expert team ensures properties are well-sealed and protected against water intrusion.

Mold Removal and Remediation

Beyond just removing visible mold, the team at Absolute Maintenance & Consulting addresses the root cause of the issue, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for its occupants.

Fire Damage Restoration

In the unfortunate event of a fire, Absolute Maintenance & Consulting offers services to restore properties to their original state, handling both smoke and water damages resulting from fires.

Weatherization and Home Restoration

The company’s holistic approach to water damage intrusion means they don’t just fix issues — they also provide preventive measures, ensuring properties remain in top condition against the elements.

The Power of Thermal Imaging Inspection

One of the standout features of Absolute Maintenance & Consulting is their use of thermal imaging cameras, or thermography. This advanced technology offers highly accurate leak detection and water intrusion investigation. It pinpoints the exact sources of leaks, allowing for efficient and effective repairs.

Serving Los Angeles and Beyond

The company’s footprint extends from south Orange County to Los Angeles and its surrounding regions. Their extensive service area includes notable cities such as Aliso Viejo, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Huntington Beach, and Santa Monica, among others.

Testimonials: A Testament to Excellence

The true measure of a company’s prowess lies in the feedback from its clients. Absolute Maintenance & Consulting has garnered rave reviews from satisfied customers:

  • Brandon Peters applauds the company’s outstanding customer service, particularly highlighting the efforts of Cameron and Brittnee.
  • Beth Lazazzera appreciates the meticulous work done in addressing a mold issue in her condo.
  • Kim Hoyt expresses her gratitude for the timely and thoughtful responses from Brittany and Cam during a mold situation.
  • Rachel Banks praises the company for their honesty and swift responses.

Such testimonials underscore the company’s unwavering commitment to top-tier service.

Get in Touch

For those facing water-related concerns in their properties, Absolute Maintenance & Consulting is merely a call or email away. Their Los Angeles location is conveniently situated at 3520 Overland Ave. #A29, Los Angeles, CA 90034. Queries can be directed to or through a direct call to +1 (310) 256-2307.


With a proven track record and a comprehensive suite of services, Absolute Maintenance & Consulting stands as a beacon of reliability in Los Angeles and Orange County. Their dedicated team, combined with advanced technology, ensures each client receives unparalleled service tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s leak detection, mold remediation, or general consulting, this company is poised to deliver excellence every step of the way.

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