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CMILL444: Being a Good Influence Through Music and Positivity

When most days are filled with difficulty, a little pocket of positivity can help lighten the mood. Young artist CMILL444 does precisely that, providing a bit of positivity through his music. 

CMILL444 is a 19-year-old Artist who grew up in Michigan. Hailing from a middle-class family, he always dreamed of doing bigger things in life. Keeping this dream of his in mind, he started modeling and acting at a young age. He even won several first-place awards at the International Model and Talent Association in New York. But it was not until he discovered an interest in music did he find his path in life.

He played around with making songs at home. CMILL444 shares, “I started out making music for fun in my basement with my friends. Then I decided to take it seriously.” He describes his sound as a mix of R&B, hip-hop, and rock. But more than that, the young artist prides himself on his unique sound. “I started my own lane of music instead of riding other artists’ waves,” the musician says.

As a young person himself, CMILL444 feels an important responsibility to be a good influence, especially to the young people who listen to his music. “I promote happiness and positivity when others promote violence. With each song, I spread a positive message that will make you think,” the artist shares. 

CMILL444 embraces unconventionality in his music. Mixing genres is one way he does this, and another way is through his creative process. He reveals, “All of my music is freestyled. Music was always his outlet. It gives CMILL the moment to express anything he wants in a song. Using new lingo and bouncing different ideas off the wall he always comes up with something extraordinary.

This young artist has released several hit singles, and in October of 2020, CMILL444 released his first album titled High Off Life. His first album features 17 songs. He shares, “I think people are attracted to my music because I talk about real feelings people go through on a day-to-day basis. Because I speak about things people can relate to, it’s easy for them to like my songs.”

Following the success of his first album, CMILL444 has been working on a new project for the summer. He shares he plans on starting a summer wave by dropping summer vibe songs all season long. He wants these new songs to encourage people to dance and feel good. The first single in this summer wave project is called “Sunkissed,” and it will be released on June 25. The music video for this track will be released the week after. “I am excited to share the songs I have lined up for this new project. I have previewed snippets for it, and my supporters are enthusiastically anticipating my new releases,” the artist shares.

From making music in his basement to now having a successful album, CMILL444 is slowly making his big dreams a reality. He hopes that his music and his journey serve as an inspiration to other people. He says, “I want my fans to know that happiness is the greatest richness in life. Don’t give up on your dreams because anything is possible. Never let negative energy bring you down.”CMILL444 is a rapper and vocalist. His first album, High Off Life, and other music can be found here. For more updates on his projects, follow him on Instagram.

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