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Sig Official Introducing the World to Haitian Sound and Culture

Sigourney Sterling, famously known as Sig Official, is a musical artist interweaving the beats and sound of a nation into a euphoric melody. Through music whose influences are in Afrobeat culture, Haitian Kompa, and Zouk, Sig Official is expressing her love and pride for her Haitian culture.

Hailing from Port au Prince, Haiti, Sig is currently based in LA, working as an independent artist. Growing up on the East Coast, Sig made her way to Los Angeles where she went to college while producing for local artists. It was during this time that she discovered her love for singing. After perceiving her talent, she journeyed to the West Coast and began recording over African mannered sounds. 

Sig’s musical style showcases her depth and flair for music as she draws from afrobeat culture, Haitian, and Zouk mix. She successfully merged distinct genres of music while maintaining a spotlight on the diverse sounds in hip-hop culture. Her most recent self-generated single, entitled “Kreyol,” was well-received in the local community as well as her community back home in Haiti. Along with her ever-efficient team, Sig has made it possible for people all over the world to enjoy her music via all platforms.

Sig is passionate about highlighting important subject matter through her music, lending a voice to people who have been underrepresented and otherwise ignored. She provides listeners with melodies that echo the longings in their hearts while finding solace in a sound that is not only loved by native Haitians but by people of different ethnicities.

Working hard to reach a worldwide audience, Sig Official aspires to introduce the rest of the world to a little island called Haiti. She wants to introduce the rest of the world to the vibrations of the people and the sounds of the nation. With her team, Sig Official hopes to deliver a positive message to native Haitians and motivate any up-and-coming artist from the area to embrace the culture, own it, and spread its beauty to an audience of all the East and West Coasts.

Sig’s style of music is set apart from conventional hip-hop and rap as her music covers all cultural bases. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and someone from a third-world country, Sig’s music offsets the status quo, her musical flows and deep lyrics attracting multiple viewers who are often overlooked themselves.

Staying true to her motivation, Sig is dedicated to making music for a long time as she hopes to expand her brand to different countries, making her listeners feel heard and seen while being entertained. In her words, she states, “I want to be able to bring a diversified music taste into the social circle.” She added,  “Overall, where I want to be in five years is at the stage in my life where I know I have delivered a new and diverse breakthrough to the music industry.”

Sig hopes to inspire native Haitians to embrace their culture and take the first step toward achieving their dreams.

To learn more about Sigourney “Sig Official” Sterling, you may visit her website or her Instagram.

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