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Richard Lynch Honors Hollywood Legend in New Country Single

Richard Lynch
Photo Credit: Richard Lynch

Renowned country music star Richard Lynch delivers yet another memorable performance with his latest single, “Right Where He Ought to Be,” featured in the forthcoming film “Kim Kahana: The Man Who Changed Hollywood.” This original song is crafted by the accomplished songwriter duo of Lynch and Kenny Day and promises to diversify the auditory experience of movie patrons when it hits the theatres later this year.

Richard Lynch’s name has long reverberated across the music industry, synonymous with classic, traditional, country music. This new track persistently marches to that beat and rings true to his characteristic style. The new tune is empowered by a potent melody and Lynch’s abundant vocals, tuned in harmony to capture the essence of the storyline and the undying spirit of the film.

The remarkable narrative surfaced in “Right Where He Ought to Be” is dedicated to Hollywood legend Kim Kahana. Kahana’s rise to fame from an actor and stuntman to a renowned action choreographer is an inspiring tale beautifully illustrated through the enriching lyrics. With his song, Lynch masterfully creates a melodic chronicle of Kahana’s outstanding career, paying a touching tribute through his signature country style.

“Kim Kahana was an incredibly talented and influential figure in Hollywood, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to create a piece of music that pays tribute to his legacy,” reveals Richard Lynch. His enthusiasm about the project is evident as he adds, “I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing project and look forward to sharing this song with the world.”

Lynch’s deep-set understanding of Mr. Kahana’s life is strikingly well-represented in the song. Kahana’s wife Sandy voiced her admiration, stating, “The song tells the whole story about (Mr. Kahana)….. it’s as if Richard knew him all his life–the way he wrote the song.”

The film’ Kim Kahana: The Man Who Changed Hollywood’ does justice to its title, revealing the awe-inspiring story of Kahana. From his humble beginnings as a martial arts expert and stuntman to his resounding success as a top-tier action choreographer, the film delves into the milestones of his career, thereby enlightening the audience about his enduring influence on the film industry. The narrative is vividly brought to life by award-winning actor James Duval, known for his superb acting prowess.

Richard Lynch’s latest single serves as a fitting accolade to the trailblazer of action cinema, Kim Kahana. It exemplifies the nexus between cinema and music, spotlighting how one art form can magnify the impact and outreach of the other.

To those who are familiar with Richard Lynch’s repertoire, this new single offers a refreshing addition while staying true to the core qualities that they have come to love and appreciate. For those yet unacquainted with Lynch’s music, this song offers the chance to be ushered into the world of country music through the deftly told tale of a Hollywood legend.

With “Right Where He Ought to Be,” Richard Lynch reaffirms his place as a pillar of traditional country music while continuing to solidify his place in the hearts of fans around the world.

Follow Richard Lynch’s journey and access his music through his official website ( or stay connected on Facebook (@richardlynchband) and Twitter (@richardlynchbnd) for continuous updates and a daily dose of real country music. Listen, appreciate, and be enthralled by the world of Richard Lynch, where classic country music is celebrated.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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